Mallet & Striker

One of the things that sets the quality you’ll see on this website apart is the range of tones in each singing bowl. Choice of mallets and sticks are an important part of the sound you hear and I have put a lot of attention to them.

Playing a Singing Bowl :-

1. Sit as if you were sitting for meditation, with your spine straight and relaxed, your shoulders level and your breath generous but natural.  Make sure to release any unnecessary tension in  your arms, shoulders and face, as singing bowls are bio-feedback instruments and they tend to be really quiet when we’re holding tension in our bodies.

2.  Hold the singing bowl on the palm of your non-dominant hand, with your fingers energized and held closely together.  This is important so that your fingers and thumb do not involuntarily wrap around the base of the bowl while playing, which will dampen the sound.  Hold the bowl about Solar Plexus level, slightly tilted so that the aperture of the bowl is opening into the direction where your mallet is coming from.

3.  With your dominant hand, grasp the mallet in its center and hold it as if you were about to sign your name with the wooden end of the mallet. Make sure the covered part of the mallet is snuggled securely in the web between the thumb and the index finger, and that there is never any gap there while playing.  So your grasp on the mallet should be firm, but never strained.

4.  Position the mallet at a 45 Degree angle against the outside edge of the lip of the bowl.  With an even pressure, rub the mallet in at least 4 or 5 revolutions, or until you begin to hear the female overtone build.  Use a full arm motion, like you’re stirring a pot of soup. Try to keep your wrist as straight as possible.

5.  Once the female overtone starts to comes up bright and clear, reduce your speed and press a little bit more firmly.  If you hear “chattering” against the lip of the bowl, either reduce your speed even more, increase your pressure, or both. Watch the bowl as you continue to rub the rim, and listen the bowl’s voice.  Adjust your angle, pressure and speed accordingly. When you bring it all together, the female overtone should sound sweet and clear.

Please note that handcrafted items may have slight variations in measurement and the measurements are a close approximation.

Namaste & Welcome To Lucky Thanka