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Green Tara Statue of Feminine Virtue

As a female high level bodhisattva, Tara is frustrated that so few Buddhas exist in the female form. Therefore, she has vowed to remain a bodhisattva until there are more female Buddhas. Additionally, she only wishes to be reincarnated as a female in order to become a female Buddha. It is interesting that this history of feminism dates all the way back to her origins in the 6th century A.C.E.

Green Tara Statue Features

Our beautiful Green Tara statue is depicted with two lotus flowers, one growing over each shoulder. The lotus growing over her left shoulder is unopened and she is elegantly holding the stem in left hand her. Additionally, her hand is depicting the Abhaya mudra which is a symbol of fearlessness and protection. The unopened lotus symbolizes the fruits of Nirvana that await her devotees who diligently practice the noble eightfold path.

Behind her bodhisattva crown she is wearing the Ushnisha topknot and her hair is the significant color of blue. It is believed by Tibetan Buddhists that by meditating on the color blue, anger can be transformed into wisdom.

World Class Green Tara Statue

This Green Tara statue offers a unique opportunity to procure a traditional hand made statue from Patan, Nepal. All of our Green Tara statues are hand crafted using the lost wax method. Additionally, the Nepali sculptors have been the primary suppliers of the Tibetan monasteries for nearly 1000 years.

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