Covid - 19 has indeed created a situation for us to be physically apart for the safety of loved ones. But it is time for us to show we are spiritually connected. 

Nepal has been on a lock down for almost 1 month. It is very hard for people who depends upon daily wages to support themselves and their family in Nepal.  Lucky Thanka is providing the Nepalese artist with basic food from our list of artisans . We are providing basic food for survival such as:

1) 10 kg rice

2) Oil

3) Salt

4) Lentils

We welcome you to join us and contribute towards helping support the artisans at this time of pandemic. Just USD $0.50 is a 1 time meal and any contribution you make counts. Please click the Button below and contribute any amount to help the artisans from Nepal.


Alternatively, open you camera and scan this QR code to Donate.

Covid 19 Donation

Thank you for your Continued support.