Buddha Shakti

Designer: Lucky Thanka Handicraft

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55 x 45 CM
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Buddha Shakti figurine Statues: mini Samantabhadra Buddha statue made of bone resin. Yab Yum means "Father - Mother" in Tibetan, and this image of Samantabhadra embracing his consort is similar to the Chinese Yin Yang symbol. This is also known as the Buddha Shakti statue as well (the word "Shakti" means "Energy," as is usually identified as a female deity.)

While this image may seem shocking, it has a traditional meaning in Tantric Buddhism. The pose represents the mystical union of the active force, or method (Upaya, conceived of as masculine), with wisdom (Prajna , conceived of as feminine) in a fusion necessary to overcome the false duality of separation between people.

It is believed that during the primordial time, the Yab Yum Buddha saw that the mind was often fooled into believing there was a distinction between "I" and "you". Thus He sought to liberate his mind from this false distinction. Similar to the Yin Yang symbol in China, it shows that two seeming distinctions actually exist as one, dependent on one another.

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