Full Gold plated Tibetan Thangka High Quality | White Tara art

Designer: Lucky Thanka Handicraft

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82 x 59 cm
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This style of painting is one of our popular collection. The tibetan thangka painting is approximately 82 x 59 cm in size and is perfect for meditation or just hanging on the wall for decoration. Fully Gold and natural stone color. Buy This thangka now for good luck and to decorate and bless your house with the presence of white tara - Love and compassion.

How does Tara liberate and protect us from danger?

It is not by swooping down and carrying us away to heaven or by making a problematic situation magically disappear. Enlightened beings cannot take our defilements away, like pulling a thorn from our foot. Nor can they give us their realizations, like pouring water into an empty bowl. The fundamental way Tara—or any other buddha—benefits sentient beings is by teaching us the Dharma and inspiring us to investigate its meaning so we reach a correct understanding. She then guides us in meditation practice so we generate transformative realizations.
Through practicing what we learn, we generate the wisdom that realizes emptiness, and through meditation on emptiness, we cleanse our minds of defilements and actualize the cessation of suffering.

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