Green Tara Thangka Painting

Designer: Lucky Thanka Handicraft

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(27.7 x 19.5) inch
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Beautiful Thangka painting from Nepal. The thangka depicts Green Tara with the size of approximately 27.5 X 19.5 inch. Hand Painted with pure natural stone color and painted on pure cotton canvas.

A Praise to Arya Tara
Your form, the deeds of all the victors of the three times;
Friend to the host of beings seeking liberation;
Mother who loves all miserable migrators.
I pray at the feet of lady Tara.
Your beautiful body, the color of turquoise, restores health;
Your sweet speech dispels the longing for existence and peace;
Your compassionate mind purifies the stains of the two obstructions.
I pray at the feet of lady Tara.
You serve as a guide, showing me the path in an unknown land;
You serve as an escort, protecting me on a frightening precipice;
You grant the resources I need when I’m impoverished.
I pray at the feet of lady Tara.
--- Amdo Gendun Choepel

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