Guru Rinpoche and Eight Manifestations Thangka - Gold on Red Background

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87 x 64 cm
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A rare painting with a red background and using 24K gold to give a very vibrant and rich quality. The red background is symbolic of Guru Rinpoche's connection to Buddha Amitabha and the lotus family.

Eight Manifestations include:
Guru Tsoky Dorje
Guru Shakya Seng
Guru Nyima zer
Guru Padmasambhava
Guru Loden Choks
Guru Pema Gyalpo
Guru Seng Dradrok
Guru Dorje Drollo

The thangka depicts a beautifully detailed Guru Padmasambhava design and is unframed and ready for Western style framing.  It is done entirely by hand on cotton canvas using natural mineral and vegetable pigments with 24K gold details.  The complicated designs, intricate brushstrokes, and extraordinary detail make these thangkas genuine works of art.

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