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Himalayan Chakra Singing Bowl with deeper tone and vibration

$320.00 USD
7-8 inch Approx
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About the Singing Bowls in General :

Singing bowls originated in the pre-Buddhist shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas often called “Tibetan” singing bowls, they are actually made in Bhutan, Nepal and India. The bowl culture seems to date back to the Bronze Age in China some 3,000 years ago.
Singing bowls vibrate to produce sound characterized by a fundamental frequency and usually two audible harmonic overtones. They can vibrate five individual and simultaneous tones, each at its own consistent frequency, and can sustain a vibration for several minutes.
Some sources state that the bowls are made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the known seven planets : Gold – Sun, Silver – Moon, Mercury – Mercury, Copper – Venus, Iron – Mars, Tin – Jupiter, Lead – Saturn.

A complete package includes:
1. A 7- 8" Singing Bowl 
2. A resting cushion 
3. 2 x Mallet (1x wooden stick wrapped with leather mallet) + (1 x soft felt mallet for good vibration)

Why it is must buy?:
1. Elevates of life force.
2. Balance the use of both hemisphere of the brain.
3. Reduces tension, stress and involved emotions.
4. Promotes energy balance in the body.
5. Enhance creativity and focus.

How to play Singing bowl ?

1. Hold the bowl in the palm of either hand.
2. With the mallet, rub the outside rim in a circular motion. Keep an even pressure.
3. Gently increase the speed as the bowl begins to vibrate, and as the sound grows. It may help to tap the bowl to begin the vibration.
4. Or enjoy the exotic sound by just tapping the bowl.

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