Lotus Om Mandala Thangka Art

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55 x 55 cm
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The definition of mandala literally means "circle". It's when we define mandala in energetic terms we find that mandala meaning deals with a visual aid that pulls in the human consciousness. That's why mandalas are so effective in meditation. The circular, often concentric design of mandalas tends to visually magenetize consciousness and awareness, allowing focus to draw inward - which is a wanted result in meditation.

The above Mandala is called Mantra mandala which consits of 4 tibetan words "Om Mane Padme Hum" This is a small but very beautiful pcs of painting from Nepal. The thangka painting is painted on pure cotton canvas with natural stone color. The painting depicts the very powerful mantra of Chenrezig which is "Om Mani Padme Hum". The thangka is believed to bring peace and love within one and within family. In the painting you can see the outer layer is the fire meaning that all your negative emotions such as hatred anger will be burnt. And in the middle the mantra "Om" is surrounded by beautiful Lotus floating on the pure water.


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