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Manjushri Thangka art- The prince of wisdom

$360.00 USD
69 x 47 cm

Manjushri is a bodhisattva or Buddha-aspect who represents wisdom.

Usually Manjushri is depicted as a young approximately 16 years old Indian prince, because his wisdom is not just some learned knowledge, but the highest intuitive wisdom. He is sitting on the lotus flower holding aloft a sword in his right hand, symbolising how he is cutting off the darkness of ignorance, duality and limited worldly knowledge of beings. In the left hand Manjushri holds a book of wisdom. This book is Prajña Pāramitā sutra, the sutra of Ultimate (Intuitive) Wisdom, which represents his realization of the ultimate transcendental truth. He can be depicted with a lily in hand, symbolizing renouncing and cessation of disturbing emotions or with jnana mudra.

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