Green Tara

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Varada Mudra

Our Green Tara Buddha statue is depicting the Varada mudra with her right hand. Therefore, her palm is open and facing forward. This is also known as the boon granting or gift giving mudra. Green Tara is always alert and ready to come to the assistance of her devotees. Her assistance and devotion are gifts which she is ready to disperse at anytime.

“Mother of Liberation”

She sits with one leg partially extended. As a result, she is always ready to ease the suffering of those trapped in the cycle of samsara. Her left leg is pulled in towards her torso. This indicates that she is also absorbed in meditative contemplation. Indeed, Tara is known as the “Mother of Liberation” and she possesses deep knowledge of the emptiness phenomenon.

2 Lotus Flowers

Our Green Tara Buddha statue is featured with 2 lotus flowers. The lotus flower is a very important Buddhist symbol. A lotus flower rises out of the murky pond to blossom in the clean air above the water. It symbolizes the ability of Buddhists to navigate the sea of suffering and obtain enlightenment.

Pink Lotus

The stem of a pink lotus is gently wrapped around the thumb of her right hand. This pink lotus is in full blossom over her right shoulder. The pink lotus symbolizes the purity and sanctity of Gautama Buddha.

Unopened Lotus

Additionally, she holds the stem of a second lotus flower in her left hand between the thumb and ring finger. This flower is growing over her left shoulder. The blossom is unopened and it symbolizes the fruits of enlightenment that await devotees.

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