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Additionally, Vajrasattva is believed by Mahayana Buddhists to be an embodiment of one of the “Trikaya”. The three bodies are the dharmakaya, sambhogakaya and the nirmanakaya. Vajrasattva represents sambhogakaya which is described as a “subtle body of limitless form”. This manifestation is used by Buddhas and upper level bodhisattvas to teach bodhisattvas and sentient beings.

Vajrasattva’s Ghanta (bell) & Vajra

Our oxidized copper Vajrasattva Buddha statue is holding the Vajra in his right hand and the ghanta in his left. The Vajra is a Sanskrit word that translates as diamond or thunderbolt in English. A Vajra also symbolizes the male attribute of compassion. Compassion is a very important attribute in Buddhist beliefs. As a result, Vajrasattva carries a meaning of great significance.

Vajrasattva is holding the ghanta (bell) in his left hand. Similar to the Vajra, ghanta also carries important significance. This is because the ghanta represents the feminine attribute of wisdom.

The use of the these two symbols are the classic depiction of Vajrasattva statues. As a result, the statue carries the essence of enlightenment. This is because it is the joining of compassion and wisdom in devotees that allows access to Nirvana.

World Class Sculpture

Our oxidized Vajrasattva statue gleams with the skill of the artisan who created it. As a result, the crown and jewels of the bodhisattva were completed with intricate detail. Also, Vajrasattva is seated in full lotus pose on a double lotus pedestal. The details of his robe are engraved with precision. This Vajrasattva will provide inspiration to it’s owner for many lifetimes to come.

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