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The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed by the principle of pleasure. Let’s have a look at this energy center’s basics, including its location, color, symbol, potential signs of imbalance, and what to do heal your sacral chakra.

Chakra key elements

First, we’re going to look at the Sacral chakra key attributes:

  • Location: The most common location for the sacral chakra is about three inches below the navel, at the center of your lower belly. In the back, it’s located at the level of the lumbar vertebrae. Other noteworthy locations described in different systems, expand its location to the genital area, especially at the level of ovaries for women and the testicles for men.
  • Color:The sacral chakra is most commonly represented with the color orange. However, since it’s associated with the element of water, it could also take the color of very light blue or white in more rare occasions. The orange of the second chakra is translucent and has a transparent quality.
  • Symbol: The symbol of the sacral chakra is composed of:
  1. A circle with six petals
  2. A moon crescent
The circle represents the elements of water. Typically, the moon crescent is colored in silver and represents the connection of the energy of the moon with water. These symbols point to the close relationship between the phases of the moon and the fluctuations in the water and the emotions.
Furthermore, the symbolism of the moon relates to the feminine menstrual cycle that takes the same number of days to complete and the connection of the sacral chakra with sexual organs and reproduction
  • Original name in Sanskrit:
  1. Sacral chakra
  2. Svadhisthana
  3. Adhishthan
  4. Shaddala
    • Element: Water

Packaging Includes :-

1 x Singing Bowl with Svadhisthana Chakra Paint

1 x Small Cushion

1 x Small Wooden Stick

1 x Small Chakra Box.

Note: This Set Singing Bowl may have similar sound to other bowls. The Chakra representation and its color is used as the focus to meditate for this bowl.

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