Parnashavari Thangka Painting for Healing negativity and sickness from natural disaster [covid-19]

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Thousands of people in this World are in or facing a period of quarantine or isolation as a result of COVID-19 risk or infection. At the point when we feel things are outside our ability to control our levels of fear increases because of the risk we perceive. Our uneasiness is exacerbated by the stress, not just about one’s own wellbeing and prosperity, but also that of family, particularly if you are a chief carer or breadwinner.

We need to have a HOPE and Faith for goodness to all sentiment beings. With pure heart and positive mind if we pray for each other and work together then this will be a great teaching to all of us. 

Goddess Parnashavari is one of the incarnations of Guanyin Bodhisattva and tara in Buddhism. She lived in the mountains all the year round, with putting on leaves as the dress, so called the Bodhisattva of the leaves. She is to be able to save natural disasters, plague, hunger, thieves, sword, flood and drought. Her practise helps healing sicknesses, hindrances and evilness. 

This prayer carries the blessing of Avalokiteśvara, who transmitted it to the Lord of Dharma Ka Ngapa and told him to give it to Gelong Tsöndru Zangpo (Thangtong Gyalpo), saying that if he taught it to the people of this world, it would dispel all sickness, negative influences and obstacles right now, and then also grant protection from the lower realms. Virtue!

This Thangka Painting is being painted by our artisan from Nepal for good health and protection from illness. If you order this thangka painting then we will be in touch with you as soon as we receive the order to update you about when it will be ready as all thangka paintings are hand made and it requires some time to complete a painting. 

Covid 19 Thangka for illness and protection

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