Why Buy From Lucky Thanka?

Since the inception of Lucky Thanka, we have had a vision that one day we will venture into the remotest places of Nepal to find the most indigenous products made by the local communities.

It that time of the year again. Time to bring out the fairy lights, the tree, family gatherings and presents! Wether its the time of Christmas or New Years, Someone's Birthday or any Special Kind of Events, a thangka can be a very precious and meaningful gift as it spreads wisdom and compassion to people alongside it can also be a great decoration painting in your living room too. If you re still stuck on what presents you should buy this year: here something out of the blue. For people who hold great value in your life, why not present something unique as Himalaya Thangka?

They say that handcrafted goodies make great gifts, and Thangka have crossed a milestone in that area. Made with hand, the colors combined, Thangka are different than the oil and acrylic painting. Thangka are art, in the form of storytelling. You can find so many elements in a single Thangka. All these elements, coming to give you that wholesome effect, screaming at you. And the more you look, the more elements you will find. You'd find hidden stories at corners of your home with Thangka. Not only do they add radiant vibes to your living room, they create this ambience where you can have a peace of mind. To say that Thangka are beautiful, is an understatement. Embrace the sophistication that thangka are this holiday and give it someone who means a lot to you. Let them have a piece of history and art and peace in their home.