Our Mission


Lucky Thanka is a handicraft business established in 1983 from Nepal, Kathmandu by Narayan Shrestha to promote Nepalese and Tibetan handicraft. Ever since the establishment of the company, Lucky Thanka has been committed to empower the local artist and uplift the lives of local Nepalese & Tibetan artis by promoting their creation across the world. Lucky Thanka has been able to be one of the top and best wholesaler, manufacturer and retailer across the world because of its authenticity, quality and commitment to support the artist and promote the Nepalese and Tibetan Handicraft.

Similarly, Narayan Shrestha's son shares the same interest. Prateek Shrestha has always been involved in the business by going to different exhibitions and trade fairs across the world. He has been fascinated by this kind of art from very young age and loved the He has also been managing the online presence of the website and marketing worldwide as he studied Information Technology. In search for a better study, Prateek Shrestha went to Australia to complete his studies and established a business in Australia with the name of Lucky Thanka.

Today, Narayan works alongside his son Prateek Shrestha, who also shares the same fascination with Tibetan and Newari thangka art and dharma products as his father. Now, the father-son duo are a team dedicated to showing people all around the world what Lucky Thanka is about.


We are a wholesale & manufacturing company and an exporter too. We believe in fair trade and our business is based on trust. We encourage feedback from our customers and our products come with full authenticity. We aim to satisfy our customers and bridge the gap between them and our producers by delivering products straight from the source.


Core Values:

We take pride in our mission and strive for excellence in all we do.

Team Work...
We have a great untiring team of professional workers! Part of our team is composed by artists, 
retailers, suppliers, and other related arts/crafts professionals.

Customer Service...
We value each of our team members for their contribution to the Arts and Crafts world and strive 
to exceed our customer's expectations.

We earn and uphold the trust and confidence of others in us.

We constantly pursue new ideas and creative solutions--to include new ways to improve the site, 
as well as new avenues to publicize it and give more exposure to the artist members work and 

Lucky Thanka has created this website exclusively for the Online Gallery. 
We specially intend to promote and advertise our artist, their products and our art/craft businesses online.

Our Mission:

ENLIGHTEN CONSUMERS on the Nepalese Art & Craft Story and get them to buy Nepalese Handicrafts by choice!

SKILL DEVELOPMENT - conduct educational, training and other activities on product creation & promotion of art and craft traditions

VALUE ADD - DESIGN – create new products, methodologies, modern designs, processes and marketing channels to improve efficiency, scale and marketing of arts and crafts businesses.

Support Artisans ad preserve the culture: -  establish a model to train the next generation(s) and other students in art and craft to help keep the traditional arts and crafts alive and expand the existing base.



Namaste & Welcome To Lucky Thanka