Lucky Thanka is your one-stop shop for Nepalese art and crafts, providing you with authentic and genuine products all over the world. We provide a variety of different handmade crafts and Thangka paintings from Nepal.

With over 25 years of experience, Lucky Thanka has built a reputation as a fair-trade business that cares about the artists. Working with over 200 artists, we’ve made it our mission to ensure they are treated fairly and give them the pay and quality of life they deserve. We know that our artists work hard to create their masterpieces, which is exactly why we make sure they know how much their art matters by taking a fair trade route with our business.

Narayan Shrestha has always had a passion for working and supporting Nepalese artists, and showing a deep rooted appreciation for their art. This drive is what eventually led him to starting his own business in 1983. Taking a fair trade approach, Narayan created a business that promoted Nepalese handicraft and arts all over the world, and also support local artisan skills by paying them what they deserve.

Today, Narayan works alongside his son Prateek Shrestha, who also shares the same fascination with Tibetan and Newari thangka art and dharma products as his father. Now, the father-son duo are a team dedicated to showing people all around the world what Lucky Thanka is about.

Namaste !

At Lucky Thanka, we have a large selection of thangka paintings. Our thangka paintings come in a variety of styles and we stock most thangka paintings in a variety of sizes. As we source all our thangka painting in Nepal, our speciality is the Tibetan and Newari thangka art, which the Nepalese excel in producing. These thangka painting are made in various parts of Nepal especially in Himalayan and Mountainous region, famous for its beautiful artwork and predominantly casted and expertly finished by artisans of Nepal.


Working with Nepalese artists for over 25 years has led Narayan to developing close relationships with monasteries, communities, and artists. In fact, Narayan is actually good friends with well-known art school founder Romio Bahadur Shrestha, who is a modern master of the Indo-Nepali-Tibetan Buddhist traditions of enlightenment art.

In addition to showing love and appreciation to the artisans, Narayan is also president of the Asha Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping disadvantaged Nepalese children improve their quality of life. With a heart to help children in need, Narayan has had Lucky Thanka donating a percentage of its profits to funding the program. The funding goes towards education and betterment of their social, economic, and environmental development projects.

Thangka Painting artist paintings green tara thangka


Our products are perfect for people who enjoy Buddhism teaching and spirituality. Whether you’re looking to decorate your meditation room with authentic handmade paintings, or like us, you have a deep-rooted appreciation for the Nepalese art and artists, we’ve got just what you need to satisfy your needs. Did we mention that we have a factory where we can make more than 100-foot thangka!?

At Lucky Thanka, we have the same passion that our artisans have for sharing their art across the world. Dedicated and hardworking, we believe that art is meant to be seen, appreciated, and valued, just like the artists who create them.

When you do business with us you’re not only getting high quality products that look great, but you’re also supporting our mission to promote Nepalese, Tibetan, and Newari arts and crafts through the world. You’re buying more than just art, you’re showing appreciation and kindness towards the artist that made it.

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