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SEVEN CHAKRA Tibetan Singing Bowl set

It is quite common in the Himalaya Singing Bowl world to correlate specific Singing bowl pitches to different chakras. We do see the value in doing this. For example, there are 7 notes in the major scale (C-D-E-F-G-A-B) and 7 major chakras people work with in the West. It is simple then, if you were to use one note per chakra, to lead a person from one chakra to the next as you go one bowl higher in tone. As you play the C note, you work on the root chakra, and from there you play the bowls ascending in tone, going up one chakra per bowl. This sort of methodology lends to an environment that is easy for people to follow with their concentration and not get lost it. Also, we can see the value in correlating one specific pitch to one specific chakra. People for example may want the tone of F in order to work on their heart chakra. We do know that if you believed that to be a relationship between the two, this belief is conducive to an environment where the sound can be a potent conduit of the healing process.

In this Category we have the collection of beautiful different Bowls in a set of 7 pcs. 

Note: These bowls are different quality. Some of the bowls have similar sound and are just to be focused on the symbol and color of the chakra to meditate. But we also have set of 7 singing bowl chosen from thousands of bowls to make the 7 chakra C D E F G A B note sound. 



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