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At Lucky Thanka, we have a large selection of thangka paintings. Our thangka paintings come in a variety of styles and we stock most Tibetan Buddhist deities in a variety of sizes. As we source all our thangka painting in Nepal, our speciality is the Tibetan and Newari thangka art, which the Nepalese excel in producing. These thangka painting are made in various parts of Nepal especially in Himalayan and Mountainous region, famous for its beautiful artwork and predominantly casted and expertly finished by artisans of Nepal. 

Singing Bowl Catalogue

Check out the Best Hand made Singing Bowls from Nepal!

Healing Bracelets and Mala

Natural Gemstones & Original Beads from Nepal 🇳🇵

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Way To Heaven Tibetan Thangka Painting

Way to Heaven Thangka Painting

In the Tibetan language, “Thang” means “unfolding” or “displaying” and thangka means silk, satin, or cloth painting scroll. It is a religious form of art that depicts lord Buddha, stories... Read More
Tingsha Bell for Sound Healing

Tingsha Bell for Sound Healing

What are Tingsha Bells? Tingsha bells are the combination of two little cymbals attached by a string made of leather. Cymbals are circular chimes that have chants or energy symbols... Read More
What is Singing Bowl & its uses?

What is Singing Bowl & its uses?

What are Singing Bowls? Singing bowls are a tool for meditation and relaxation. Singing Bowl are also widely known as Tibetan Singing Bowls or Himalayan Bowls.  Back in the day in... Read More

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