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Join us and Help Artisan

We welcome you to join us and contribute towards helping support the artisans at this time of pandemic. Just USD $0.50 is a 1 time meal and any contribution you make counts. Please click the Button below and contribute any amount to help the artisans from Nepal. Read More

Bodhisattva in Buddhism

Bodhisattva in Buddhism | Bodhichitta [Read more]

What is Bodhisattva? A bodhisattva is an individual who has committed themselves to a Buddhist practice that leads to the enlightenment of all sentient beings and has committed themselves to... Read More
Thangka Painting Gifts for special occasion

Why Choose Thangka Painting for Gift to your loved ones?

Thangka : Forever Gift For Your Forever Loving Person Why Buy From Lucky Thanka? Since the inception of Lucky Thanka, we have had a vision that one day we will venture... Read More
8 Fold path explained

New Years Resolution for Positivity and Wellbeing

Buddha has teach the 4 Noble Truth and Eight Fold Path for living in peace and harmony. I think that with proper practice of the Eight fold path in ones life... Read More

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