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Supporting Artisans since 1983

Our shop is the example of who we are. The love that we and our artisans put in our work, the passion of sharing our arts and crafts with the world, the aspirations we all have to achieve greater things in life, to show the world our potentials finally take shape in the form of the products that we offer. 

Thangka Painting Collection

At Lucky Thanka, we have a large selection of thangka paintings. Our thangka paintings come in a variety of styles and we stock most Tibetan Buddhist deities in a variety of sizes. As we source all our thangka painting in Nepal, our speciality is the Tibetan and Newari thangka art, which the Nepalese excel in producing. These thangka painting are made in various parts of Nepal especially in Himalayan and Mountainous region, famous for its beautiful artwork and predominantly casted and expertly finished by artisans of Nepal. Read More...

Important: All our Tibetan and Newari Thangka are Authentic handmade from Nepal.

Singing Bowl Collection

We manufacture and export singing bowl used for meditation, healing, finding music noted and for gift purposes.  Lucky Thanka art & craft has Singing bowls like handmade singing bowls, antique finishing handmade bowls, Itching bowls, carving bowls and gift set bowls. How to Play Singing Bowl? Check out our very beautiful collection of Hand made Singing Bowl from The Himalaya, Nepal. 

Join us and Help Artisan

We welcome you to join us and contribute towards helping support the artisans at this time of pandemic. Just USD $0.50 is a 1 time meal and any contribution you make counts. Please click the Button below and contribute any amount to help the artisans from Nepal. Read More

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