What are Tingsha Bells?

Tingsha bells are the combination of two little cymbals attached by a string made of leather. Cymbals are circular chimes that have chants or energy symbols embedded around the outer surface. Tingsha bells are also called Tibetan chimes or Tibetan hand cymbals.

We often see them in sound healing institutes, yoga studios, temples, and monasteries. They are used in prayers and rituals by Tibetan Buddhists and Hindu priests.

They are used often for meditation to focusing the mind on the sound in sound healing and in-room clearance. They can also be used to add depth to musical soundscapes. Tingsha are long-lasting in their tones.


Tingsha Bell

Tingsha bells have ancient roots and cultures to Tibetan sound healing practices. It has been the tool for promoting the physical, mental, and emotional health of the body. Its origin accounts for as long as sound healing began in history. 

They were used in Tibet by Buddhists in rituals and ceremonies and sound healing practices.

These practices highlight how sound manifests through physical vibrations and frequencies. Science is still catching up to understand how sound heals and the current research is very promising.

 Tingsha are Tibetan percussion instruments used for practicing meditation producing sacred ohm sounds. 

What are Tingsha made of?

Tingsha are hand-made by the casting method. They are widely crafted using seven different premium metals which produce a strong sound and vibrations of the right frequency.

They are metallic disks made of alloys. The seven metals used in the tibetan Tingsha are Gold, Silver, Mercury, Copper, Iron, Tin, and Lead.

The paired cymbals are twin to each other.

The finished products are tested individually by certified personnel and sound healing practitioners. So, the quality isn’t compromised at all.

Sound Healing phenomenon

Everything in the world is frequency and vibration and when tuned that frequency and vibrations create sound. Tingsha create a very high frequency sound ranging from above 2000 Hertz and above.

Sound healing is a natural, gentle, and non-invasive form of vibrational energy medicine. Sound therapy has been around since the beginning of human life. Natural sounds of waterfall, birds chirping, rainfall, wind-flow, and so on were the initial relaxing sounds. 

With the evolution of human intelligence and skills, different sound healing methods were applied to heal a body physically, spiritually, and mentally with various musical pieces of equipment.

Sounds, kinds of music, and chants were used to heal the sick in ancient times.

A skilled sound healing person can use his/her skills and techniques with ease to play instruments and help themselves and others to alleviate aches and pain, reduce stress, lose weight, sleep better, etc.

With science catching up with ancient civilizations sound techniques, sound therapy is now more popular than ever. The mind-blowing benefits of sound healing are achieved and proved in recent years.

Tingsha Bells for sound healing

Tingsha Bell

Tingsha are an inexpensive and most intimidating option for sound healing. They come in different sizes which produce different levels of frequencies. Each different frequency is significant for different organs and chakras of our body. 

It’s a great way to use tingsha to begin a meditation process and to end one. The reason is the sound helps us open up for a meditation and then close one.

These sound waves address imbalances in the body long before they become measurable, that means it acts as a shield and early prevention to keep your body in active protected mode. It helps us to be holistic. These powerful yet subtle waves reset our physiology into a natural balance and keep our organs clean.

More and more people are using Tingsha bells nowadays to clear their space and aura. This is a very inexpensive way to clear your crystals.

The chimes are struck together to create a pure, bright bell sound that rings for a surprising length of time.

How to play Tingsha?

The tingsha bells are quite flexible in terms of use. They don’t require many keep in mind points for playing it. There are multiple ways of using a tingsha bell. 

You can also use it as a small meditation tool on a daily basis to escape the stress buildup in your work environment. It's about taking a moment and focusing on the sound with a free mind. 

  • Traditional Ways

Maintain a relaxed sitting position and close your eyes. Now, hold the tingsha bell by the string just above the metallic disks and give a tap on the rim of one by the other. Bring your attention to the sound of these and just follow the sound till it ends. Focus on the other sounds around you now. What you will notice is now things have gone quieter both inside you and around you. 

This process takes just a few minutes and is a good way to kind of break the stressful periods.

One way is to strike the rims of both cymbals by holding them with both hands just above the metal part by the string.

 The second way is by hitting one cymbal by the other in an up and down motion holding by the string. These are the traditional ways of using Tingsha.

  • Modern ways

The modern ways of playing Tingsha are evolving till date. With the increase in sound healing practices all around the world, much researches are being conducted to address the best frequency to use.

You can add an interesting dimension to the sound if you spin them around after you hit them. This helps to throw the sound around you. It’s a good way for room clearance and heals others. You can even do it by twirling them around after the hit.

In traditional ways, the disks aren’t in your control for their motion. You can play them in a controlled way by holding them tight side-ways and making a strike. This way you can play it very percussively. Multiple hits can be done to overlay sound waves and this opens up your ears and this feels great from inside.

Tingsha Bells can even be played by adding your own fun elements to get sounds of different pitches. Mallets/strikers can be used too. Padded mallets will give you lower notes and soft sounds. Wooden strike gives a purer sound. Metals strikes give sharper notes. 

The use of multiple tingsha is also a great way for purification and boosting concentration.

You can hang the tingsha on wooden sticks and play them simultaneously to produce multiple sound waves and frequencies.

Health benefits

Modern medicine deals with the physical body when it operates weakly. It treats physical chemistry disorders that are measurable, visible, and often when things have already got out of hand. Sadly some are irreversible health problems. With the practice of sound healing, your body stays in balance from a mental and spiritual point of view which strengthens your physical well-being as well.

In our ear, there is a vestibulocochlear nerve that connects to the vagus nerve, the major parasympathetic nerve in the body. The parasympathetical nervous system is responsible for reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and relaxing muscles.

Listening to certain sounds can manipulate one’s brain waves and different states of alertness and consciousness.

Therapeutic sound waves can modify DNA, levitate objects and kill viruses as well. Tingsha bells produce long notes that result in very positive healing outcomes. We are relating to engaging and ultimately healing with and through the five elements of consciousness: Source/Spirit, Soul, Mind, Emotion, and Body. Tingsha bells as sound healing equipment don’t deal with just physical health challenges but with the whole biochemical process. All our molecules are engaged in an emotional response, the way we are physically has a big effect on our mind as well. The soul is the interface between our source energy, our spirit- the divine presence. Aspects of our soul can get fragmented, we can lose track. So, we need to pay attention to the soul dimension, to nurture the potential for a deep level of healing.

Notes and intensity

So the tingsha which are very loud and strong bring you into a very aware state. The tingsha with subtle pitches relax you and bring you into a more mellow state and more withdrawing.

If you have seven sets of tingsha for your seven chakras, you can align your chakras with them. Give a tap on all the seven chimes and let your brain waves absorb the sound and go with the flow these waves make.

Tingsha for chakra alignment

Chakra Healing

The chakras are seven energy centers that live along our spine. They run from the base of our spine to the crown of our heads. Due to various reasons such as habits of food, thought force habits or patterns of thought force, sleep or rest so on and so forth any of these chakras could be misaligned or can go out of balance. Because of this the chakra or the endocrine gland itself may be affected for you. Nothing to worry about, through the practice and often use of simplified sound healing of tingsha bells, systematically one by one each of the seven chakras will open for you. Restoration of healthy states of your endocrine glands is possible only if you practice listening and using sound healing techniques at initial levels of damage. 

Anybody can easily learn this meditation and quickly align and balance these chakras in your life.

Many meditations and sound healing practitioners around the world have been experimenting on the frequencies and mix of Tingha with other sound healing equipment. Tingshas can be played alone and collectively with other sound healing equipment.

Benefits of Tingsha

There’s strong evidence that music has mental and physical health benefits in improving mood and reducing stress. In fact, rhythm, in particular, can provide physical pain relief and has been shown to help people with pain from arthritis, menstrual pain, knee replacement pains, etc. 

  • Heal auras

Just the slightest of taps allows them to continue the sound moving outward in a very forthright method. The high intensity of the notes moves to the head area and cleanses our aura and all negativity. It’s also interesting to note the effects of the body and aura are completely different than with the Tibetan singing bowls. So, it would be wise to say that these are compatible instruments like brother and sister. After you get one you may want the other for a change of pace.

  • Get a meditative state of mind

The powerful waves of tingsha penetrate our webbed thoughts and dissolve the stress build upon our day-to-day busy live. Meditation synchronizes our body, soul, spirits, and thought force to the present moment. It helps maintain peace and elevate calmness to free the racing mind. 

These powerful waves emitted by tingsha help us envoke our alert and reactive tensed brain waves into a relaxed and deep state of regeneration.

  • Toning

Traditional therapy often performed using the tingsha bells is called toning. Toning is used to relieve mental stress and reduce anxiety levels by allowing the free flow of positive energy and warding off negativity. They can promote the flow of healthy energies throughout the body and restore strong brain waves.

  • Relieve stress, anger, and anxiety

The healing sounds are a way to connect vibration to your body and experience certain sounds within the specific organs related to each sound.

The kidneys are associated with fear and stress and it helps to transform these emotions into a sense of gentleness and willpower. Next, the liver is associated with anger and it transforms anger into kindness, and sense of control, and decisiveness. The sounds help you gain vitality and excitement in life.

A sense of balance and openness emerges and we feel more connected to our center. The three main energy centers in our body: head, chest, and lower abdomen are restored for overall wellbeing and hormonal balance.

  • Relieve depression and grief

Few things are as irritating and loud as unexpected noises. Exposure to such noise activates the brain’s stress pathways and triggers the release of related hormones. To cut these noises, tingsha sound waves have the power to soothe us. 

The lungs are connected to grief, depression, and sadness and when we practice the sound from tingsha, it transforms these feelings into courage, confidence, and strength. You will feel the buzzing vibration in the area of your chest.

Its always highly recommended using Tingsha bells in such a case when you have very little knowledge and unbuild trust in sound healing. The easy and multipurpose tingsha bells give your life beautiful touch of healing sound waves. If you have a keen interest and want to get more information about Tingsha bells or sound healing as a whole, our team is always welcoming to help you.


Tibetan singing bowls are also known as Himalayan singing bowls. They are different types of bells that produce a beautiful and relaxing sound when struck. The sound of the bowl helps in relaxing and calming the mind. Here is a blog post that talks about it: https://buddhastoneshop.com/blogs/news/how-to-use-a-singing-bowl

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