I have listed out the basics for playing a singing bowl. Remember that every bowl produces different tones and different people experience different sound as their personal choice. Playing singing bowl in the beginning might be a little difficult for some people but eventually with practice and patience everyone will be able to play the singing bowl.

1] Hold the base of the bowl in the palm of your hand or on your fingertips. do not to touch the side of the bowl as to do so will affect the vibrations.

2] Till the bowl towards you at a slight angle. This helps you to move your hand around the bowl more easily.

3] Hold the mallet supplied with your bowl from the top with the fingertips pointing downwards. Ensure that each finger is touching the mallet. Have a firm, but not too tight, grip.

4] To warm up the bowl ready for play, strike the mallet gently against the side.

5] Keep your wrist straight. When playing your singing bowl, it is important that your wrist is kept straight at all times; let your arm do the work.

6] Now, rotate the base of the mallet slowly around the rim of the bowl. The singing from the bowl will gradually become louder.

7] Keep playing the bowl with an even pressure and a constant speed. If you play your bowl too fast you will hear some friction ('clinking') between the bowl and mallet which will be a sign that you need to slow down.

8] When you have finished playing remove the mallet from the side of the bowl. If you have played long enough the bowl should continue to sing for a time.

For any Beginners choose this Singing Bowl to start your sound healing journey.