Singing bowl has different sound and vibration depending upon its size and different metals used in the bowl. A person can experience energy for a bowl and the other person may not feel deeply connected. Hence, Choosing a Singing Bowl is Completely a personal choice.

Tuning in to which Tibetan singing bowl to buy involves some self discovery, a bit of education and a journey into the wide range of choices available.

The best way to choose singing bowl is to fall in love with the sound. That feeling is a measure of your affinity with the vibrations coming out of the instrument. There are many different sounds available in the high quality singing bowls for sale and you may find you have a preference for tones in a specific range. That is the self discovery part, feeling the resonance between you and a bowl’s soundscape an overview of all the different styles, sizes and shapes along with the range of tones for each. In that most essential area, sound, Best Singing Bowls has you covered. All the singing bowls for sale have the quality of their sound and internal harmony. Singing bowls range over five octaves so you have quite a bit of choice high to low.

Along with the sound you are going to get a unique beautiful looking object. Do you want a small or large singing bowl, one with ancient patina or a bright cleaned surface? Some antique singing bowls have inscriptions or extensive markings. Virtually all the bowls have some amount of incuse (carved in) workmanship. Bowls can be well-worn or crisp.

Virtually all the antique singing bowls entering the market today are sourced from remote Himalayan villages by sponsored collectors working on behalf of a few specialist Tibetan bowl dealers in Kathmandu, Nepal.  The dealers, almost exclusively Tibetans, sort the bowls according to size, quality and type and wholesale or retail them according to their sound quality, condition, age and rarity.  Singing bowl dealers rarely deal directly with the public as their business focus is on the wholesale and export market.  Inferior bowls are sold by weight, while specimen bowls are priced individually and set aside for established international bowl specialists and collectors…all of which makes it rather difficult, if not impossible, for ordinary members of the public to find top quality bowls at source for themselves!

 All Our Singing Bowls are hand made and hand beaten from Nepal.

Kathmandu remains the main gateway for singing bowl exports to the West, and the best place to buy singing bowls.  If you should decide to visit Nepal and source your bowls in person I suggest you avoid buying from market stalls or gift shops, and instead try to seek out a specialist Tibetan antique dealer and be prepared to pay a premium price for a premium product.  This will almost certainly be more than you expect, but if you buy wisely it will still represent excellent value.  Your prospects for a successful trip will be greatly enhanced if you do a little homework and appear knowledgeable and bowl-savvy when negotiating a purchase.

At Lucky Thanka all the bowls goes through quality check of the sound so that you don't have the extra hassle choosing the bowl. 

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