Water Therapies


water therapy

A special effect can be produced by adding a small amount of water to the bottom of the singing bowl. The sound produced using this technique sound like dolphins singing!

The amount of water to use varies with the individual bowl. Start by pouring about 3/4" of water into the bowl. Be careful NOT to get the outside rim of the bowl wet.

  1. Now, play the bowl using the mallet-around- the-rim technique. Bring up the sound by using a steady even pressure. Pull the mallet away from the bowl rim and let the bowl continue to sing.
  2. Still holding the bowl in your hand, tilt the bowl so that the water inside gently laps up toward the inside rim. Continue to gently swirl and tilt the bowl and the water.

Experiment with the amount of water used. Usually the best effect is produced with a minimum amount of water.

Sound and vibration massage

Sing Bowl Massage

Sound and vibration massage is all about work or act on the body with the use of healing bowls. Though, the healing bowls especially creates vibration and then it creates sound. This therapy is designed for relaxing the body and for the relief of pains like knee pain, hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain.

  1. Now play the bowl in the base of spine using the mallet technique and bring the vibration by striking the mallet on all the four sides.
  2. Start moving the bowl to the sides and then slowly moving it up to the lower back, middle back, and then the shoulders, then slowly come back continuously till the base of spine . And then covering the one side of leg and then again to base of spine and then the another side of leg and then come back to the base of spine striking 4 sides.


Five elements ( Pancha  Hava)


5 elements OM

The word Pancha hava derived from Sanskrit literally pancha means five and Hava means elements (earth, water, fire, air and sky or ether) so this therapy is all about balancing the five elements and harmonizing and resonating with the Havas. As we know well the whole universe is a play of 5 elements and so do is the human body. And this therapy is all balancing the 5 elements using the 7 tones singing bowls in each chakra with placing the bowls in body