29 inch Large Size Singing Bowl


This authentic Tibetan handcrafted 29-inch Singing Bowl is hand made with hammering technique. This is the Largest Size Singing Bowl for your Sound healing session. You can use this for meditation, sound yoga, healing and therapy , perfect for the large spaces too. You can easily stand or sit on this singing bowl for whole body sound healing and therapy sessions. Meditating on the Sound of this Singing Bowl will help you to easily stay mindful. The soothing sound of the Singing Bowl resonates for a very long time.

Pre Order Require:

This is a large size 29 inches Singing Bowl handmade using hammering technique for strong vibration and higher resonance. It requires lot of time and effort to produce this singing bowl and the risk during this process is also very high. So, we need 3 months pre- order period of this Singing Bowl production. We request you to patiently wait for 3 months after you place an order.


This singing bowl's harmonious, well-tuned sound, which has calming and meditative effects, touches your soul. When played with a mallet (stick), it makes a beautiful, peaceful, calming, and relaxing sound around the rim. The ideal state for deep meditation and relaxation is created by the distinctive tones. By striking the outer surface of the singing bowl with a drumstick, you can produce vibrational sound and reach deep inner peace while simultaneously synchronizing yourself.


It produces a rich sound that is ideal for use in sound baths or meditation. This bowl's sounds are a form of energy medicine that greatly aids in the treatment of stress, pain, depression, and anxiety. For emotional calming and healing, the Signing Bowl sound can be used to create an atmosphere. Because it is so big and heavy, it vibrates so much that it helps relieve pain in the body.

Package Includes:

  • A 29-inchSinging Bowl
  • A Traditional Striker Mallet
  • A Resting Cushion