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This Thangka painting depicts the Five Dhyani Buddhas, important figures in Vajrayana Buddhism. They represent various aspects of enlightened consciousness and are often showcased together. Each Buddha carries unique symbolism and serves as a meaningful guide to Buddhist wisdom and enlightenment. These paintings serve as both art pieces and spiritual aids.

Depiction of the Five Dhyani Buddhas:

The Five Dhyani Buddhas, also referred to as the Five Wisdom Buddhas, are often illustrated with unique characteristics and shades. Every Buddha symbolizes a distinct facet of enlightened awareness with precise mudras (hand gestures) and symbols.

A. Vairochana

  • Color: White
  • Mudra : Dharmachakra Mudra (teaching the Dharma)
  • Symbol : Dharmachakra (wheel of law)
  •  Element : Space
  • Wisdom : Wisdom of the Dharmadhatu (absolute truth)

B. Akshobhya

  • Color: Blue
  •  Mudra: Bhumisparsha Mudra (earth-touching)
  •  Symbol: Vajra (diamond thunderbolt)
  • Element: Water
  • Wisdom: Mirror-like Wisdom. 

C. Ratnasambhava

  •  Color : Yellow
  •  Mudra : Varada Mudra (gesture of giving)
  •  Symbol:  Jewel
  •  Element : Earth
  • Wisdom: Wisdom of Equality

 D. Amitabha

  • Color : Red
  •  Mudra : Dhyana Mudra (meditation)
  •  Symbol : Lotus
  •  Element : Fire
  • Wisdom : Discriminating Wisdom.

E. Amoghasiddhi

  • Color: Green.
  • Mudra: Abhaya Mudra (gesture of fearlessness)
  • Symbol : Double Vajra
  • Element : Air
  • Wisdom : All-Accomplishing Wisdom.

Product Specification:

  • Hand Painted
  • Size: 60 cm x 45 cm
  • Base: Cotton Canvas
  • Origination: Nepal

Hand Embroidery Brocade

Want to add a Brocade to your beautiful Thangka Painting? Traditional Style Brocade has been one of the most popular form of mounting as it has a greater religious merit.

Note: Make sure you have added the Thangka to your cart first.

100% Cotton Canvas

Preparing the Cotton canvas before starting to paint a Thangka. This process includes washing, drying, stretching, sizing and everything needed to make a perfect base for the thangka to last for centuries.

Natural Minerals

Thangka Paintings are painted using the natural minerals. These are firstly grind into the powder form and then used in the thangka as a paint.

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Customer reviews
Service and delivery of this first Mandala I bought from Lucky Thanka was really fast and the updates were brilliant. This Mandala is simply beautiful and I am so pleased with it.
— Samantha Ball
Customer reviews
I am very happy with the quality of the seeds and i use it to count my mantra as it has 21 bodhi, which is so difficult to fine else where. Besides that Prateek’s impeccable service and advice is an incentive for me to purchase items from him. I will gladly recommend this website to you.
— Ramesh Ethan Ananda
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Great pleasure dealing with Lucky Thangka. Beautiful and well executed pieces. Very responsive and helpful staff. Highly recommended
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Beautiful Pieces of art
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Great quality heart chakra attuned bowl, fast postage and prompt replies from seller.
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