Amitayus Buddha Prayer Flag

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The Amitayus Buddha Prayer Flag is a sacred and symbolic piece of spiritual decor rooted in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It embodies the essence of Amitayus Buddha, a celestial Buddha revered for longevity, merit, and preservation of life force. Handcrafted with attention to detail, the flag features images of the Buddha, adorned with traditional Tibetan motifs and symbols.

The imagery on the flag serves as a visual representation of the qualities and blessings associated with Amitayus Buddha, including:

  1. Longevity: The representation of Amitayus Buddha usually includes a vessel filled with the elixir of eternal life, representing the desire for a prolonged and satisfying existence.
  2. Compassion: Amitayus Buddha's gaze embodies unconditional love and benevolence, inspiring kindness and empathy towards all.
  3. Wisdom: Amitayus Buddha is a powerful representation of wisdom and enlightenment, guiding and inspiring seekers on their journey towards spiritual awakening and self-discovery.
  4. Merit and Virtue: The inclusion of Amitayus Buddha on the prayer flag is believed to confer blessings of merit and virtue, elevating the spirits of those who come into contact with it and promoting positive karma.

The Amitayus Buddha Prayer Flag is a focal point for meditation and contemplation in sacred spaces. It is often displayed during religious ceremonies and festivals for blessings and protection, believed to purify the environment and uplift those who view it.

 Size : 11 x 10 inches 

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Customer reviews
Service and delivery of this first Mandala I bought from Lucky Thanka was really fast and the updates were brilliant. This Mandala is simply beautiful and I am so pleased with it.
— Samantha Ball
Customer reviews
I am very happy with the quality of the seeds and i use it to count my mantra as it has 21 bodhi, which is so difficult to fine else where. Besides that Prateek’s impeccable service and advice is an incentive for me to purchase items from him. I will gladly recommend this website to you.
— Ramesh Ethan Ananda
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Great pleasure dealing with Lucky Thangka. Beautiful and well executed pieces. Very responsive and helpful staff. Highly recommended
— Sergei Beliaev
Beautiful Pieces of art
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Great quality heart chakra attuned bowl, fast postage and prompt replies from seller.
— Dani Divine