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Avalokiteswara is commonly known as Lokeshwor in Nepal and India,Kuanyin in China and Kannon in Japan,is one of the 108 forms of lokeshwor.

#Avalokiteswara is one among the 108 forms of Lokeshwara . 

#The body of main body is white with 1000 arms and 1000 eyes.

# The 1000 armed Avalokiteswara dominates the centre of the scroll.The palm of each of  his 1000 hands has an eye to see the sufferings of human kinds and to help all and illuminate all beings with the light of wisdom.

#Symbolises infinite compassion so known as god of compassion.

# His first two hands are held infront of his solar plexus ,holding the magic wish granting gem  in the prayer gesture,which stands for the spirit of enlightenment that consists  of  love and wisdom.

#Two of his remaining 3 right hands hols as rosary for reciting :" OM MANI PAD ME HUM" and a wheel of combined spiritual teaching and benevolent governance,the third reaches out in the boon grating gesture.

# His left hand holds  white lotus in full bloom symbolising that the flowering of enlightenment lies in compassionate activity,a bow and arrow symbolising that enlightenment results mediatation and the wisdom.

# In short,he is known as the saviour and protector from danger so called as god of protection.

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