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Shakyamuni Buddha

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Gold Gilded Shakyamuni Statue

The Buddha was reincarnated in the 6th century B.C.E. as Siddhartha Gautama. He was born into the Shakya Kingdom as a Prince who was the sole heir to the kingdom. However, he renounced his inheritance and went to live in the forest as a renunciant. After practicing meditation for 6 years he became the first enlightened being of our time. Therefore, he is the original Buddha and this Shakyamuni statue is a depiction of him.

Bhumisparsha Mudra

Our Shakyamuni statue sits on a double lotus pedestal in full lotus pose. Additionally, he is depicting the Bhumisparsha or “earth touching” mudra. This is a unique mudra that is attributed only to Shakyamuni statues. The earth touching mudra is depicted with the right hand draped over the knee with the palm flat and facing inward. Also, the fingers are lightly touching the ground. His left hand is resting in his lap with the palm facing upwards. There is an alms bowl resting in the palm of his hand.

The most prominent gesture is done with the right hand. Siddhartha performed this mudra when he was on the verge of enlightenment under the bodhi tree. As he was preparing to enter Nirvana, the demon Mara appeared. Mara tried to entice the him with earthly pleasures. However, Mara was unsuccessful and the Buddha went on to achieve his goal. As a result, the earth touching mudra is a gesture of triumph and he is calling the earth goddess to witness the vanquishment of Mara.

World Class Shakyamuni Statue 

This Shakyamuni statue is one of our best examples of the world class statues that are produced in Patan, Nepal. All of our Nepali statues are created using the traditional lost wax method. As a result, our Shakyamuni statues present a unique one of a kind opportunity. Take the opportunity to procure this world class Shakyamuni statue.

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