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Crowned Shakyamuni Buddha Statue (Oxidized Copper)

Please enjoy our crowned Shakyamuni Buddha statue. The oxidized copper and the gold gilding balance off of each other with perfection. As a result, Shakyamuni is depicted with austerity and also regality. 

Additionally, Shakyamuni is seated in full lotus on a single lotus pedestal. The full lotus pose is also known as the Vajra pose. Vajra translates as thunderbolt or diamond in English. Therefore, we are presented with a statue of unshakable virtue. 

Classic Mudras

A clear sign that a statue is a depiction of Shakyamuni is the Bhumisparsha mudra. Also, known as the earth touching gesture. This mudra is depicted with the right hand draped over the right knee. Additionally, the hand is flat with the palm facing inwards and fingers together. The fingers are pointed towards the ground to call the Earth Goddess to witness the vanquishing of Mara. 

The Demon Mara had come to tempt Shakyamuni as he was on the verge of enlightenment. However, Mara’s tricks were unsuccessful and the demon was ultimately defeated. 

Alms Bowl & 3 Nectars

Our Crowned Shakyamuni Buddha statue is depicted with a second classic feature. This would be the alms bowl that is resting in the palm of his left hand. An alms bowl is of great symbolic importance in Buddhism. This bowl signifies the rejection of the material world and it is replaced with virtue.

Additionally, the alms bowl is believed to hold the 3 nectars. These 3 nectars are the cure for the 3 poisons – ignorance, attachment and hatred. It is by eliminating these 3 poisons that one can become enlightened. If successful, the defilements will be permanently extinguished.

Crown & Jewels

Another unique aspect of this Shakyamuni Buddha statue is that he is depicted wearing the crown and jewels of a bodhisattva. Although this is unique, it is not unprecedented. As a result, the gold gilded adornments set off the austerity of the oxidized copper.

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