Old Tibet Tantra Dorje Phurba Dagger

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57 cm x5 cm x 57 cm
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Material: Crystal , Bronze metal
Natural Gemstone: Ruby , Torquorise
Handcrafted old collection piece

This is old Tibetan Kila Dorje Phurba with Vajra ,triple sided Ritual Dagger from Tibet patterned off an earlier Verdic Tool. This has the dagger with Crystal Bajra at the middle and Mahakala at the top. The rock crystal is valued for its purity and ability to transmit light. The symbolism of the Buddhist dagger is the destruction of foes or obstructions. The lower part of the blade represents “ Method”. The Handle represents “ Wisdom”.

This is a ritual dagger and is not meant to be used on sentient beings. The ritual dagger (Sanskrit: kila; Tibetan: phurba) is essential to the dispelling of evil and understood as being especially helpful in neutralizing the forces that impede Tantric Buddhist practice.By taking a series of daggers thrust into the ground and connecting them with certain color strings, one can make a stable or protected space.

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