Seven Chakra Engraved Singing Bowl

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Our Seven Chakra Engraved Singing Bowl is the perfect tool for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual or chakra healing. Crafted from high-quality brass, this singing bowl features intricate engravings of the seven chakras detailly which are energy centers in the body that govern our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This bowl produces a soothing and resonant sound that helps to balance and align the chakras which provides us a sense of inner harmony and peace in our body.

Each of the seven chakras is represented on the bowl with a unique symbol including the root chakra (Muladhara), sacral chakra (Svadhisthana), solar plexus chakra (Manipura), heart chakra (Anahata), throat chakra (Vishuddha), third eye chakra (Ajna), and crown chakra (Sahasrara). The engraved chakra symbols add a beautiful and meaningful touch to the bowl making it a lovely addition to any home or sacred space.

Whether you are a seasoned meditator or just starting your spiritual journey, this singing bowl is a must-have for your practice. It comes with a cushion and a wooden striker, making it easy to use . 

Invest in the Seven Chakra Engraved Singing Bowl today and discover the benefits of chakra balancing and meditation for yourself!

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Hand Beaten Singing Bowls

All Singing Bowls at Lucky Thanka are crafted by hand using High Quality metals from Nepal.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Service and delivery of this first Mandala I bought from Lucky Thanka was really fast and the updates were brilliant. This Mandala is simply beautiful and I am so pleased with it.
— Samantha Ball
Customer reviews
I am very happy with the quality of the seeds and i use it to count my mantra as it has 21 bodhi, which is so difficult to fine else where. Besides that Prateek’s impeccable service and advice is an incentive for me to purchase items from him. I will gladly recommend this website to you.
— Ramesh Ethan Ananda
Customer reviews
Great pleasure dealing with Lucky Thangka. Beautiful and well executed pieces. Very responsive and helpful staff. Highly recommended
— Sergei Beliaev
Beautiful Pieces of art
Customer reviews
Great quality heart chakra attuned bowl, fast postage and prompt replies from seller.
— Dani Divine