Shakyamuni Buddha Large size Thangka painting | Wall Hanging Tibetan Art

Designer: Lucky Thanka Handicraft

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163×112 cm
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The Buddha Shakyamuni is the historical Buddha, founder of the Buddhist philosophy and often referred to as “The Buddha”.

For many, Shakyamuni Buddha, is considered by Buddhist to be a model, a guide and an inspiration. It is said that his presence on earth is ensure by the “dharma” or spiritual belief and by the “sangha” or Buddhist community. Together they form what is referred to as the 3 jewels of Buddhism (Buddha, Dharma and Sanga).

There are hundreds of reproductions of these motifs all over the world. Yet, almost every single representation will have a certain number of identical traits. These are what allow us to recognize the different Buddhas and the qualities that they posses.

This Painting is approximately 163×112 cm in size made in Nepal. Use this painting for prayer and also give very beautiful decoration to your place with positivity.

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