SHAKYAMUNI BUDDHA Thangka art The awakened One

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82 x 60 cm
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Buddha is also called Shakyamuni Buddha. The real name of Buddha is Siddhartha Gautam. He was born on 563 B.C. in Lumbini , western part of Nepal. The son of King Suddhodhan and Queen Mayadevi. When he was young adult his experience with the outside world drove him to seek out a greater understanding of life and spiritual fulfillment. Gautam Buddha is believed to have had 550 incarnations. To distinguish from all alternative Buddhas, he has been known as Shakyamuni (Th lion of sakya kin group, the son of King Suddhodhana and Bodhi” or knowledge when 6 years in fasting and meditation and then he was called “Buddha” as he was “the enlightened one”. So the main theme is “Evil is suffering and good is happiness”.

This painting is painted on cotton canvas with pure natural stone color and pure gold. 

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