Shakyamuni Buddha tibetan thangka art

Designer: Lucky Thanka Handicraft

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55 x 40 cm
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As with the majority of mantras, there can be several types of meanings associated with the Shakyamuni Buddha mantra; however, it is possible to come up with several literal English translations so that the true essence of this powerful mantra can be better understood.

  • Om – Some believe that Om does not have an actual conceptual meaning. However, it can typically be reflective of an awareness of the surrounding universe. It is used at the start of many mantras and can be thought of as opening yourself up to the truth of what is coming next with the recital of the mantra.
  • Muni – This term is often translated to mean sage, or wise one.
  • Maha – This term is typically translated to mean great or supreme.
  • Soha – This term is often translated to mean hail or greetings.

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