Singing Bowl engraved with Ganesh

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This is a beautiful hand made singing bowl with carved design. The bowl has a conch shell painted on the bottom of it and a beautiful Ganesh engraved inside the bowl. The bowl also has a mantra painted with gold color on the side of the Singing Bowl. 

This bowl is perfect for beginners who wants to start practicing singing bowl sound for healing and meditation. The sound of the bowl is very soothing and deep tone. 

The bowl comes with a  beautiful wooden mallet which has a beautiful hand crafted design of Buddha face. The bottom of the mallet is wrapped with a soft leather for smooth sound while playing the Singing Bowl.

Package Included:

 1x Singing Bowl

 1 x Plain Wooden Mallet  Or Click here to buy Buddha Mallet for 50% off with any  Singing Bowl of your choice. Automatic Discount applied at checkout.

 1 x Silk Cushion

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