Antique Jambati Healing Sound Bowl


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This traditional handmade Antique Jambati Singing Bowl is an attractive piece of craftsmanship with striking star motifs carved around its circumference. It is capable of producing calming tones used in meditation, relaxation, and sound therapy. The authentic design and deep, soothing sound of this Antique Jambati Singing Bowl provide a calming and therapeutic experience perfect for practices like meditation and sound therapy.

How to play this singing bowl?

  1. Prepare Your Setting: Locate an area that is calm and undisturbed. Sit in a comfortable position on a cushion or chair, or you can also opt for a yoga mat or meditation cushion if desired. Place the singing bowl on a flat and stable surface, such as a table or the palm of your hand.
  2. Grip the Mallet: Hold the mallet, a lightweight, wooden stick with a soft head, in the same way you would hold a pen or pencil. Place your hand lightly on the mallet, allowing your fingers to lightly graze the sides, giving you control over it.
  3. Strike the Bowl: Use the padded end of the mallet to lightly tap the exterior of the singing bowl. This induces a mellow ringing sound, similar to a chime.
  4. Begin to Play: Strike the bowl with a light tap of the mallet for optimal sound production. Experiment with the speed and pressure until you find the sweet spot that produces a clear and sustained tone.
  5. Listen and Feel: Listen to the unique sound that the antique Jambati singing bowl makes, noting its strong, harmonious note that changes over time. As you play the bowl, you can physically feel the vibrations in the bowl and may feel them through your hand and body.
  6. Meditate or Relax: The singing bowl can serve as a focus for meditation, allowing you to utilize its sound and vibration to achieve a relaxed, meditative state. Even if you don't meditate, the bowl can soothe you with its calming tone for a moment of relaxation.
  7. Ending the Sound: When you have finished your session, remove the mallet slowly from the edge of the bowl to allow the resonance to naturally subside.

Product Specification:

  • Antique Carved Singing Bowl
  • Weight: 1.98 kg
  • Size: 10 inch

Why Singing Bowl?

Everything you need is right here in the PRESENT moment.

Hand Beaten Singing Bowls

All Singing Bowls at Lucky Thanka are crafted by hand using High Quality metals from Nepal.

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Customer reviews
Service and delivery of this first Mandala I bought from Lucky Thanka was really fast and the updates were brilliant. This Mandala is simply beautiful and I am so pleased with it.
— Samantha Ball
Customer reviews
I am very happy with the quality of the seeds and i use it to count my mantra as it has 21 bodhi, which is so difficult to fine else where. Besides that Prateek’s impeccable service and advice is an incentive for me to purchase items from him. I will gladly recommend this website to you.
— Ramesh Ethan Ananda
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Great pleasure dealing with Lucky Thangka. Beautiful and well executed pieces. Very responsive and helpful staff. Highly recommended
— Sergei Beliaev
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Great quality heart chakra attuned bowl, fast postage and prompt replies from seller.
— Dani Divine